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Zinsco Panel Bottom Line: Why you should replace your Zinsco Panel

Homeowners who still have Zinsco Panels installed may want to replace them as soon as possible for the sake of safety and peace-of-mind.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Contact ABR Electric for upgrading your home's breaker box panel.

Electrical Panel Replacements

Give you and your family peace of mind, have ABR Electric install a panel
replacement: Square D - 200-Amp Indoor Main

Square D - QO130L200PG 200-Amp 30-Space 30-Circuit Indoor Main

EV Home Charging Stations

ABR Electric is the #1 Tesla EV Charging installers in North Texas.
Other top of the line EV brands like Chevy, Cadillac, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc.

Tesla Electrician

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines.

Official Generac installer for Collin County

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What makes us different and gives us the edge on our market is that we connect with people. At ABR Electric we have a host of hugely talented and professional electricians who greatly contribute to the credibility of our company.

How do I know if my home needs a 200 amp panel upgrade?

In Plano, TX, signs that you may need a 200 amp panel upgrade include experiencing frequent circuit breaker trips, flickering lights, the need to use multiple extension cords for everyday activities, planning to add large appliances, or undergoing major renovations. Additionally, if your current panel is outdated, not compliant with the Electrical Code of the City of Plano, or you're experiencing issues like a burning smell or hissing sounds from your panel, it's time to consider an upgrade.

What are the main benefits of upgrading to a 200 amp panel?

Upgrading to a 200 amp panel in Plano, TX, can significantly enhance your home's safety by reducing the risk of electrical fires, increase the capacity for electrical appliances, improve energy efficiency, potentially raise your home's value, and ensure compliance with local electrical codes, thus avoiding penalties.

How much does it cost to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical panel?

The cost of upgrading to a 200 amp panel in Plano, TX, can vary, typically ranging from $1,500 to $4,000. This cost can be influenced by factors such as the need for additional wiring, the complexity of the installation, and local labor rates. To get an accurate estimate, consult with several licensed electricians who are familiar with Plano's specific requirements.

Do I need a permit to upgrade to a 200 amp electrical panel in Plano, TX?

Yes, upgrading to a 200 amp panel in Plano, TX, requires a permit from the local building department. This ensures that the work will be inspected and complies with the Electrical Code of the City of Plano. Failure to obtain a permit can result in fines, required removal of unauthorized work, and potential safety hazards.

Can I install a 200 amp panel myself?

While homeowners may undertake some electrical work on their own residences in Plano, TX, upgrading to a 200 amp panel involves complex and potentially hazardous work that must comply with the Electrical Code of the City of Plano. It's strongly recommended to hire a licensed electrical contractor who can obtain the necessary permits, perform the work safely, and ensure it passes inspection.

How long does the permit process take for upgrading to a 200 amp panel in Plano, TX?

The time frame for obtaining a permit can vary depending on the workload of the Plano building department and any issues with the application. Generally, it's wise to allow several weeks for the process, which includes submitting the application, awaiting approval, and scheduling inspections. Your electrical contractor can help navigate this process, as they're familiar with local requirements and timelines.

How long does the upgrade process take once I have a permit?

Once you have obtained the necessary permit, the physical work of upgrading to a 200 amp panel usually takes about one day. However, the total duration from obtaining the permit to final inspection and approval may extend over several weeks, depending on scheduling and any required corrections to meet the Electrical Code of the City of Plano


Being a an Authorized Generac Installer means peace of mind to the homeowner. According to Generac's own manual {"If you don't keep up with maintenance, you are shortening the life of your unit and could potentially void your warranty. If you refer to your owner's manual, even having your generator installed improperly could void the warranty."}

Have your Generac generator installed properly by an electrician that will follow the manufacturer guidelines.
FAQs for Generac Generator Installation by Authorized Installers

Why Choose an Authorized Generac Installer?

Warranty Protection: Only installations by Authorized Generac Installers ensure that your unit's warranty remains intact. Improper installation could void the warranty, leaving you unprotected.
Expertise and Experience: Authorized Installers have the specific training and experience with Generac generators, ensuring a safe and efficient setup.
Local Code Compliance: In Prosper, TX, adherence to local building codes and regulations is essential. Authorized Installers are knowledgeable about these requirements, ensuring your installation is both safe and compliant.
Regular Maintenance: Essential for the longevity of your generator, only an Authorized Installer can guarantee that your maintenance meets Generac's standards, safeguarding your investment.
Do I Need a Permit for Generator Installation in Prosper, TX?

Yes, installing a Generac generator requires a permit to ensure compliance with the Electrical Code of the City of Plano and local building codes. This permit process verifies that the installation meets safety standards and regulations.

Can I Install a Generac Generator Myself?

Given the complexity and the need for compliance with local codes and warranty requirements, it’s highly recommended to use an Authorized Generac Installer for your generator installation. DIY installations risk non-compliance with safety standards, potential voiding of warranty, and could pose safety hazards.

How Long Does the Permit Process Take for a Generac Installation?

The timeline for obtaining a permit can vary based on local workloads and requirements. It's advisable to allow for several weeks from application to permit approval. Your Authorized Generac Installer can often assist with this process, leveraging their experience and local knowledge to expedite the process.

What Maintenance is Required for Generac Generators?

Generac recommends regular maintenance to ensure your generator operates reliably when needed. This includes checking oil levels, testing battery function, and running the generator at regular intervals. Authorized Installers offer maintenance services tailored to Generac's specifications, ensuring optimal performance and warranty compliance.

How Do I Choose the Right Electrician for My Generac Installation?

Authorized by Generac: Confirm that the electrician is an Authorized Generac Installer, indicating they have the training and expertise required.
Reputation and Reviews: Research electricians with a strong reputation in Prosper, TX. Look for positive customer reviews and testimonials.
Maintenance Services: Opt for an installer who offers comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring your generator remains in peak condition and your warranty stays valid.
What Are the Consequences of Improper Generac Installation?

Improper installation can lead to safety risks, inefficient operation, and potential voiding of your warranty. It's crucial to follow Generac's installation guidelines, which an Authorized Installer is trained to do, to avoid these issues.

How Does Regular Maintenance Impact My Generac Generator?

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your generator, ensures it's ready when you need it, and is necessary to maintain your warranty. Skipping maintenance can lead to operational failures and could invalidate your warranty coverage.

EV Home Charging Stations

FAQs for EV Home Charging Stations in Plano, TX

Permit and Inspection Requirements

Why is a permit and inspection necessary for installing an EV home charging station in Plano, TX?
Permits and inspections ensure your EV charging station installation adheres to the Electrical Code of the City of Plano, enhancing safety and compliance. It also informs local utilities about the increase in electric vehicle ownership, facilitating infrastructure planning.

What steps are involved in getting a permit for an EV charging station in Plano, TX?

Application Submission: Submit a detailed application to the building inspections department, including plans or diagrams of the proposed installation.
Fee Payment: Pay the required permit fee as per the city council's schedule.
Inspection Scheduling: After installation, schedule an inspection to ensure compliance with safety standards and code requirements.
Approval: Once your installation passes inspection, you'll receive approval, officially allowing the use of your EV charging station.
Installation Queries

When is the best time to install an EV home charging station in Plano, TX?
Install your charging station shortly after purchasing your electric vehicle, considering potential delays due to complex installations or electrical upgrades.

What factors affect the cost of installing an EV charging station in Plano, TX?
Costs vary based on installation complexity, distance from the electrical panel, and city-specific permit and inspection fees. Other factors include potential drywall removal and the necessity of utility upgrades for extensive installations.

Can I install the EV charging station myself?
For safety, warranty, and compliance reasons, it's recommended to use a licensed electrician, especially considering the city's requirement for professional oversight during the electrical inspection.

Product Selection

Should I choose a NEMA 14-50 outlet or a Tesla Wall Connector?
Your choice depends on your vehicle's charging needs and your personal preference for convenience. The NEMA 14-50 outlet offers flexibility, while the Tesla Wall Connector provides a dedicated charging solution.

Permit Application Details

What information do I need to provide for the permit application?

Your address in Plano, TX.
Location of your electrical panel and preferred installation spot for the charger.
Whether there's attic access above the garage.
Photos of your electrical panel, including breaker numbers and panel schedule.
Type of charging equipment you're planning to use.
Compliance and Safety

How do I ensure my EV charging station installation complies with Plano's Electrical Code?
Hire a registered electrical contractor who understands local codes and can navigate the permit and inspection process on your behalf.

What are the penalties for non-compliance or unauthorized electrical work in Plano, TX?
Violations can result in fines, revocation of permits, and the necessity to redo non-compliant work at additional costs.

For personalized assistance and to schedule your installation, contact us at 214-690-1941.

Why should I hire a licensed electrician for the Siemens FS140 installation?
A licensed electrician has the necessary training, experience, and knowledge to ensure your Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector is installed correctly and safely, adhering to local electrical codes and manufacturer's guidelines.

How can I find a reputable electrician in my area for this installation?
Seek recommendations from friends or family, check online reviews, and ensure the electrician is licensed and insured. You can also contact local electrical contractors' associations for a list of qualified professionals.

What qualifications should I look for in an electrician for installing a surge protector?
The electrician should be licensed, have experience with surge protector installations, and understand the specific requirements for the Siemens FS140 model. It's also beneficial if they have a good understanding of your home's electrical system.

Installation Questions

Where should the Siemens FS140 be installed in my home?
The Siemens FS140 is typically installed at your electrical panel to provide whole-house protection. A licensed electrician can determine the most suitable location based on your home’s electrical system layout.

How long does the installation process take?
Installation time can vary but generally takes a few hours. Your electrician can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific situation.

Can the Siemens FS140 be installed in any home?
Yes, the Siemens FS140 is designed for residential use and can be installed in nearly any home with a standard electrical system. However, older homes may require an electrical system review or upgrade before installation.

Safety and Efficacy

How do I know if the Siemens FS140 is working correctly after installation?
The Siemens FS140 includes indicator lights that show its operational status. Your electrician can demonstrate how to check these indicators and advise on any regular maintenance or checks.

Will the Siemens FS140 affect my home's electrical system performance?
No, the Siemens FS140 is designed to protect your home from electrical surges without affecting the performance of your electrical system or connected devices.

What happens if the surge protector is triggered by a surge?
The Siemens FS140 is designed to absorb and divert excess electrical energy, protecting your home’s electrical system and connected devices. In the event of a significant surge, the device may need to be inspected or replaced to ensure continued protection.

Maintenance and Warranty

Does the Siemens FS140 require maintenance?
Minimal maintenance is required. It's recommended to periodically check the indicator lights to ensure it's functioning correctly. Any further maintenance should be performed by a licensed electrician.

What is the warranty for the Siemens FS140, and what does it cover?
Siemens offers a warranty for the FS140, which typically covers defects in materials and workmanship. You should review the warranty details provided with your device for specific coverage information.

Remember, installing a Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector is an investment in protecting your home’s electrical system and your electronic devices from unexpected power surges. Always consult with a professional electrician to ensure a safe and correct installation.

Landscape Lighting in Plano, TX: FAQs

How do I choose the right type of lighting for my outdoor space in Plano, TX?
To select the ideal lighting for your outdoor space in Plano, consider the area's functionality, desired aesthetic, and any safety requirements. LED lights are favored for their energy efficiency and longevity, while solar-powered lights offer an eco-friendly solution without the need for wiring.

Can landscape lighting increase my property value in Plano, TX?
Definitely. Professionally installed and well-conceived landscape lighting not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also enhances security features, making your property more appealing to prospective buyers and potentially increasing its market value.

What maintenance does landscape lighting require?
To ensure your landscape lighting remains in top condition, perform regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the fixtures, replacing any burnt-out bulbs, and periodically checking the system for any wiring issues. This helps maintain both the beauty and functionality of your outdoor lighting.

Is DIY landscape lighting a good idea in Plano, TX?
While some basic landscape lighting projects can be tackled as DIY, for more sophisticated or extensive systems, professional installation is recommended. Professionals bring expertise in design and safety to your project, ensuring that the installation meets Plano's regulations and is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How can I make my landscape lighting energy-efficient in Plano, TX?
To maximize energy efficiency, opt for LED lighting, which consumes less power and has a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. Solar lighting is another green option, harnessing sunlight to power your outdoor lights. Additionally, incorporating smart lighting controls can further enhance efficiency by adjusting lights based on the time of day, motion detection, or specific scheduling.

What's the best way to illuminate a garden path in Plano, TX?
For garden paths, choose lighting that provides clear visibility for safety while enhancing the path’s aesthetic appeal. Low-voltage or solar path lights placed at consistent intervals can create a welcoming ambiance and guide visitors through your garden. The goal is to balance practicality with the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Landscape lighting in Plano, TX, is more than just illuminating dark areas; it’s about creating a mood, enhancing safety, and elevating the overall appeal of your outdoor spaces. With the right approach and professional input, your landscape can become a captivating night-time sanctuary that reflects your style and meets your functional needs.

FAQ for Chandelier Installs in Plano, TX

How much does it cost to install a chandelier in Plano, TX?
The cost of installing a chandelier in Plano, TX, can range widely from approximately $100 to $4,000 or more, depending on several factors, including whether it's a replacement or a new installation, and the chandelier's size and complexity. Typically, replacing an existing fixture might cost between $100 and $350, while new installations could range from $200 to $2,000.

Can I install a chandelier by myself?
While it's possible to install a chandelier on your own with the right tools and some electrical know-how, the complexity and potential risks involved in such an installation suggest that hiring a professional is a safer and more reliable option, especially for more substantial or valuable pieces.

How can I tell if my ceiling can support the weight of a new chandelier?
It's crucial to check that your ceiling box is rated for the weight of the chandelier you plan to install. If you're unsure, a professional electrician or installer from ABR can evaluate and, if necessary, reinforce your ceiling to safely support your new fixture.

At what height should my chandelier hang?
For rooms with 8-foot ceilings, the standard is to hang chandeliers 30 to 34 inches above the table. For ceilings taller than 8 feet, add an additional 2.5 to 3 inches for each extra foot of ceiling height.

How do I choose the right size chandelier for my room in Plano, TX?
The chandelier should be about 12 inches narrower than the width of the table beneath it, ensuring at least 48 inches from the chandelier to any room boundary or wall. This rule helps achieve a balanced look and appropriate lighting spread.

What are the key steps in chandelier installation?
The installation process includes turning off the power, verifying all chandelier components, removing any existing fixture, inspecting and preparing the installation site, measuring for the new fixture, assembling the chandelier, connecting the electrical components, securing the canopy, installing bulbs, and finally, restoring power to test the installation.

Do I need a permit for chandelier installation in Plano, TX?
While replacing an existing fixture typically doesn't require a permit, new installations involving significant electrical work may. It's advisable to consult Plano's local building codes and regulations to determine if a permit is needed for your specific project.

Can I use LED bulbs in any chandelier?
Most contemporary chandeliers are designed to be compatible with LED bulbs. However, it's important to check your specific fixture's requirements. LED bulbs are recommended for their efficiency and longevity.

How often should I clean my chandelier?
Cleaning frequency depends on the fixture's location and dust accumulation rate. A general guideline is to clean your chandelier at least once or twice a year to maintain its appearance and functionality.

What should I do if my chandelier isn't working after installation?
Check all connections and the power source first. If issues persist, refer to the installation guide or contact ABR's professional electricians for troubleshooting and repair assistance.

Choosing ABR for your chandelier installation in Plano, TX, means entrusting your home's aesthetics and safety to skilled professionals dedicated to delivering quality and satisfaction.

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

ABR Electric in Plano, TX is a Generac Certified Dealer. ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines. 

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Contact our team of experienced electricians; we have highly skilled electricians who can quickly troubleshoot your electrical repairs. Contact us for hassle-free service.