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ABR Electric employs a licensed team of electricians in McKinney, TX

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At ABR Electric, our clients are our top priority. We see ourselves as more than just electricians; we are service providers with a passion for electrical install work.
We picked ABR because of the great reviews and they deserve them, from what I can see. Jason came the next day and got everything fixed, no attic needed. I was really happy with the work they did and will reach out again for future needs!

Heidi D.

We picked ABR because of the great reviews and they deserve them, from what I can see. Jason came the next day and got everything fixed, no attic needed. I was really happy with the work they did and will reach out again for future needs!

For the quote, James provided a very thorough and honest write up of the work that would be done: a NEMA 14-50 installed for a future EV, a whole home surge protector, and a power inlet box so I can plug a generator into my home.

Tara K.

For the quote, James provided a very thorough and honest write up of the work that would be done: a NEMA 14-50 installed for a future EV, a whole home surge protector, and a power inlet box so I can plug a generator into my home.

David D.

 These folks are wonderful - they are thorough, punctual, their work is primo, and their pricing is very reasonable. ABR is my electric company permanently! I hope that those folks that read my review will hire these guys!
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Residential Electrical Installation Services in McKinney TX

Why you SHOULD replace your federal pacific panel

Homeowners in McKinney TX who still have Federal Pacific Panels installed may want to replace them as soon as possible for the sake of safety and peace-of-mind.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Contact ABR Electric support@abrelectric.com for upgrading your home's breaker box panel.

Zinsco Panel Bottom Line: Why you should replace your Zinsco Panel

watch this video on The Zinsco Panel 

Electrical Panel Replacements

Give you and your family peace of mind, have ABR Electric install a panel
replacement: Square D - 200-Amp Indoor Main

Electrical panel replacements in McKinney TX Square D - QO130L200PG 200-Amp 30-Space 30-Circuit Indoor Main

EV Home Charging Stations

ABR Electric is the #1 Tesla EV Charging installers in Collin County.
Other top of the line EV brands like Chevy, Cadillac, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc.

Tesla Electrician EV home charging stations in McKinney TX

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines.

Official Generac installer for Collin County

Our Services

At ABR Electric in Melissa, TX, our distinction lies in our genuine connection with people. Our team of licensed electricians not only brings unparalleled expertise to the table but also forms the backbone of our company's credibility. We're more than just electricians; we're your trusted partners in every project.

Upgrading Your Breaker Box in Melissa, TX: Key Indications and Benefits

In Melissa, TX, ensuring the electrical safety and efficiency of your home is paramount. Here's when and why you might need to upgrade your breaker box panel:

Indicators That It's Time for an Upgrade:

Frequent Electrical Anomalies: If you're noticing flickering lights, repeated tripping of breakers, or the necessity to shut off one appliance to use another, it's a sign that your electrical panel may need an upgrade.
Signs of Electrical Wear: A burning smell, crackling sounds, or visible corrosion on your breakers or panel are serious indications that require immediate attention from a licensed electrician.
Federal Pacific Panels: A Safety Risk

Many homes still operate with Federal Pacific Panels, which have been linked to reliability issues and pose a significant fire hazard. ABR Electric emphasizes the urgency of replacing these panels to safeguard your home.

Why Upgrade Your Breaker Panel?

Enhanced Safety: Modern breaker boxes reduce the risk of electrical fires and ensure the safety of your household.
Protection Against Power Surges: Newer panels offer superior protection for your electronics and appliances against unexpected power surges.
Energy Efficiency: An upgraded electrical panel facilitates better electricity distribution, which can lead to lower energy bills.
Compliance: Outdated panels might not meet the latest electrical codes. Upgrading ensures compliance and minimizes the risk of safety violations.
ABR Electric is dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system. Upgrading your breaker box not only secures your property but also aligns with current construction codes and regulations as outlined in the city's building and construction guidelines. Whether it's adhering to construction codes, obtaining the necessary permits, or ensuring compliance with flood damage prevention ordinances, upgrading your electrical panel is a step towards ensuring your home meets all regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Breaker Box Panel Upgrades in Melissa, TX: A Comprehensive Guide

Upgrading your breaker box panel in Melissa, TX, is not just about enhancing electrical safety; it's about aligning with the city's stringent building and construction codes. Below are the critical reasons and codes reinforcing the need for an upgrade.

Key Indications for Upgrading Your Breaker Box Panel:

Electrical Issues: Flickering lights, breakers that trip repeatedly, or the need to turn off appliances to use others suggest it's time for an upgrade.
Physical Signs of Damage: The presence of a burnt smell, crackling sounds, or visible rust on your panel are red flags that need immediate attention.
Federal Pacific Panels: A Legacy Risk

Despite Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels being widespread in over a million homes, their potential for failure and fire hazards necessitates urgent replacement. ABR Electric emphasizes this replacement for your peace of mind.

Why Opt for a Breaker Panel Upgrade?

Safety First: Modern panels eliminate the risk of electrical fires, safeguarding your home and loved ones.
Surge Protection: Advanced panels offer enhanced protection for your electronics against power surges.
Energy Efficiency: An updated panel can distribute electricity more efficiently, potentially lowering your energy bills.
Compliance: Outdated panels may not comply with current electrical codes. Upgrading ensures your home meets all regulations outlined in the Melissa, TX, construction codes, including:
Construction Codes (§ 3.101 - § 3.107): Ensuring compliance with international construction codes for safety and efficiency.
Building Permits and Contractor Registration (§ 3.201 - § 3.203): Adhering to permit requirements and contractor registrations to maintain standard practices.


ABR Electric: Your Authorized Generac Generator Installer

As an authorized dealer of Generac Generators, ABR Electric provides homeowners with peace of mind. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for the longevity and warranty of your generator. Generac's own manual states that neglecting maintenance or improper installation can void your warranty. That's why it's essential to have your Generac generator installed by an electrician who follows the manufacturer's guidelines.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

When it comes to finding the perfect generator for your home, our team of experts in home standby power is here to assist you. We offer a FREE QUOTE to recommend the ideal generator for your specific needs, considering more than just the size of your house. Our goal is to ensure you have a reliable power source during emergencies.

Power Needs Assessment

To recommend the appropriate generator size, we need to understand your power needs. Are you looking to power your entire home or specific appliances and devices? Please describe your requirements in detail so that our experts can assist you effectively.

Location and Installation Expertise

To determine the best installation process for your generator, we kindly request your address. Permanent generators come with a weatherproof covering and operate quietly. In critical situations like recent power outages in Texas, a permanently installed generator turns on automatically. On the other hand, portable generators are noisier, produce less power, and require manual connection to your home circuit-breaker panel using a transfer switch or heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cord.

Professional Generator Installation

As seasoned professionals in home standby power, ABR Electric excels at installing your Generac system quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our FREE QUOTE service, ensuring that you receive the generator size tailored to your specific needs. Our no-obligation quote covers all parts and labor. If you decide to proceed, the installation process is fast and hassle-free. Here's an overview of what it entails:

Assessment: Our experts will evaluate your property and determine the best location for your generator installation.

Preparation: We handle all necessary permits and paperwork to ensure a smooth installation process.

Installation: Our skilled technicians will install your Generac generator with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to manufacturer guidelines.

Testing: We thoroughly test your generator to guarantee its proper functionality and seamless integration with your electrical system.

Education: We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your generator's operation and maintenance, ensuring you have the knowledge to use it effectively.

Don't wait until an emergency strikes. Contact ABR Electric today and take the first step towards securing reliable power with a Generac system. Fill out our contact form to receive more information and schedule your FREE QUOTE.

ABR Electric: Leading Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Melissa, TX

As Melissa, TX, embraces the future of electric vehicles (EVs), ABR Electric is at the forefront of providing expert installation services for EV home charging stations, including TWC/NEMA 14-50 setups. Here’s how we tailor the installation process to meet your specific needs:

Custom Installation Location: Whether you prefer your TWC/NEMA 14-50 charger installed adjacent to the electrical panel or in a different spot, we cater to your preference to ensure optimal convenience and functionality.

Attic Access Inquiry: Knowing if there’s direct attic access above your garage helps us determine the most efficient wiring route, streamlining the installation process.

Electrical Panel Visualization: To facilitate a seamless installation, we request clear photos of your electrical panel, showing breaker handles and the panel schedule if available. This aids our technicians in assessing your current setup and planning accordingly.

Charger Type Selection: Whether you lean towards the versatility of a NEMA 14-50 outlet for the Tesla Mobile Connector or prefer the dedicated Tesla Wall Connector (TWC), we're here to guide you in selecting the best charging solution for your EV.

The Importance of Permits and Inspections:

Adjusting your home’s electrical system for an EV charger necessitates a permit and inspection according to local building codes. These steps ensure your installation’s safety and compliance, safeguarding community standards and facilitating future EV infrastructure development.

Optimal Timing for Charger Installation:

To ensure readiness for your EV, we recommend installing the charging station shortly after purchasing your vehicle. Complex setups, such as those in detached garages or requiring significant electrical upgrades, may need more preparation. Early installation guarantees your charging station is operational when your EV arrives.

Understanding Costs:

Installation costs vary, influenced by the project's specifics, such as wiring length and any necessary modifications like minor drywall removal. Permit and inspection fees also differ by location, and some areas might require a licensed electrician’s presence during inspection. The distance from the charger to the electrical panel significantly affects the price; installations further from the panel will generally cost more. For a detailed estimate tailored to your home, please reach out to us at 214-690-1941.

Melissa's Building and Construction Codes:

Our services are fully compliant with Melissa's construction codes and regulations, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency. From adhering to construction codes (ARTICLE 3.100) to ensuring proper permit acquisition and contractor registration (ARTICLE 3.200), we navigate the regulatory landscape to provide a hassle-free installation. Our commitment extends through detailed attention to building setback lines, curb and gutter standards, and beyond, ensuring every aspect of your EV charger installation aligns with local ordinances and contributes to a safer, more sustainable Melissa.

Choose ABR Electric for your EV charging station installation — a decision that brings not only expert service but also peace of mind knowing your installation is safe, efficient, and compliant with local codes.

In Melissa, TX, the unpredictability of power outages and voltage surges poses a significant risk to the safety and functionality of homes. Voltage surges, often caused by faults in transformers, generating equipment, or as a consequence of fires during brownouts, can abruptly disrupt electricity supply, endangering lives and damaging property. Moreover, brownouts, characterized by a reduction in voltage, further complicate these electrical challenges.

Understanding Power Surges and Their Causes

Power surges are frequent and can arise from various sources, including external faults in main transformers or generating equipment, and internal occurrences such as the instantaneous restoration of power following a brownout. These surges can severely impact electrical systems and devices within the home.

Choosing the Right Surge Protection

Selecting the appropriate whole-house surge protector is crucial. While some protectors are designed to safeguard specific devices against power spikes, others offer comprehensive protection for all electronic devices in the home, regardless of their connection to an outlet.

The Necessity of Whole House Surge Protectors

For homeowners with valuable electronics, installing a whole-house surge protector is essential for protection against unpredictable voltage fluctuations.

ABR Electric Recommends Siemens FS140

For optimal home protection, ABR Electric endorses the Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector. Siemens suggests installing the FirstSurge (FS140) directly on the exterior of the electrical panel or adjacent to it, using either the hardware provided or an optional Flush Mount Kit for a sleek integration.

Installation Guide for Whole-House Surge Protectors:

Power Shutdown: Begin by turning off the power to ensure safety during installation.
Panel Preparation: Ready the electrical panel for the addition of the surge protector.
Surge Protector Mounting: Securely mount the surge protector in the chosen location.
Wire Connection: Connect the wires from the surge protector to the electrical panel.
Panel Reassembly and Testing: After installation, reassemble the electrical panel and conduct a test to confirm functionality.
While it's possible to install a surge protector at various points between the main electrical panel and the electricity meter, positioning it within the main breaker panel is generally preferable for maximum effectiveness.

Professional Installation Recommended

Given the complexity and potential hazards of integrating a surge protector directly into the home’s electrical system, ABR Electric advises homeowners to seek the expertise of a licensed electrician for installation. This approach not only ensures safety but also guarantees compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Navigating Melissa's Building and Construction Codes

In Melissa, TX, adherence to local building and construction codes is vital. This includes securing the necessary permits and inspections (ARTICLE 3.100 - ARTICLE 3.200) to confirm the installation's safety and compliance. Moreover, understanding the city's specific requirements for electrical installations, as outlined in the local construction codes, ensures that homeowners meet all legal and safety standards.

By choosing ABR Electric for your whole-house surge protector installation, you ensure not only the protection of your electronic devices but also compliance with Melissa’s rigorous building and construction standards. Protect your home from the unpredictable nature of power surges with the expertise of ABR Electric.

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer in Collin County

Located in McKinney, TX, ABR Electric proudly holds the distinction of being a Generac Accredited Dealer. Our team at ABR Electric is equipped with the expertise and training to set up your Generac generator following the manufacturer's precise standards. ABR Electric boasts a team of electricians with a keen specialization in electrical wiring.

Local Generac generator installer in McKinney TX

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