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Zinsco Panel Bottom Line: Why you should replace your Zinsco Panel

Homeowners who still have Zinsco Panels installed may want to replace them as soon as possible for the sake of safety and peace-of-mind.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Contact ABR Electric for upgrading your home's breaker box panel.

Electrical Panel Replacements

Give you and your family peace of mind, have ABR Electric install a panel
replacement: Square D - 200-Amp Indoor Main

Square D - QO130L200PG 200-Amp 30-Space 30-Circuit Indoor Main

EV Home Charging Stations

ABR Electric is the #1 Tesla EV Charging installers in North Texas.
Other top of the line EV brands like Chevy, Cadillac, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc.

Tesla Electrician

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines.

Official Generac installer for Collin County

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What makes us different and gives us the edge on our market is that we connect with people. At ABR Electric we have a host of hugely talented and professional electricians who greatly contribute to the credibility of our company.

Electrical Safety in Nevada, TX with Breaker Box Panel Upgrades
ABR Electric: Expert Solutions for Your Home's Electrical Needs
The Hidden Danger in Your Home

Many Nevada, TX homes still house the Federal Pacific Panels, a relic of the 1970s that now poses a significant electrical hazard. Despite the company ceasing operations in 1990, over a million households are potentially at risk due to these outdated panels. The importance of upgrading these panels cannot be overstated, as they are prone to causing power surges and other electrical issues.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

James Adams, a Master Electrician with ABR Electric, emphasizes the critical need for homeowners in Nevada, TX, to replace their Federal Pacific Panels. Upgrading not only enhances your home's safety but also ensures peace of mind by protecting against:

Flickering lights.
Constantly tripping breakers or frequently blown fuses.
The need to turn off appliances to use another due to insufficient power.
The smell of burning or melted electrical wires, indicating a serious fire risk.
Signs You Need an Upgrade:

Your panel is over 25 years old.
Noticeable warmth or a burnt smell from the panel.
Persistent breaker trips.
Visible rust on the electrical panel, signaling degradation.
Installation Standards and Considerations:

ABR Electric adheres to rigorous safety and installation standards, including:

Installing circuit breaker boxes at the correct height (between 4 to 6 feet).
Ensuring panels are not located in bathrooms and are easily accessible.
Maintaining a minimum clearance of 36 inches around the electrical panel for safety.
Proper inspection attire, including PPE like safety glasses and insulated gloves, for safety during inspections.
Why Choose ABR Electric?

Licensed and Professional: Rely on our certified electricians for comprehensive electrical consultations and installations, ensuring your home meets Nevada's safety standards.
Customized Solutions: Whether upgrading to a 200 amp service, installing a Square D panel, or safeguarding your home with a whole-house surge protector, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
Quality and Trust: ABR Electric is your go-to source for all electrical needs in Nevada, TX, from residential and commercial electrical services to specialized installations like EV home charging stations and whole-house surge protection.
Upgrade Your Home's Electrical Safety Today

Don't compromise on your home's electrical safety. If you're in Nevada, TX, and have an outdated or malfunctioning breaker box, contact ABR Electric for a professional upgrade. Ensure your home is safe, efficient, and up-to-date with the latest electrical standards.

ABR Electric: Nevada, TX's Leading Experts in Breaker Box Panel Upgrades.


Being a an Authorized Generac Installer means peace of mind to the homeowner. According to Generac's own manual {"If you don't keep up with maintenance, you are shortening the life of your unit and could potentially void your warranty. If you refer to your owner's manual, even having your generator installed improperly could void the warranty."}

Have your Generac generator installed properly by an electrician that will follow the manufacturer guidelines. Authorized Generac Generator Installation in Nevada, TX
ABR Electric: Delivering Peace of Mind with Professional Generac Solutions
Secure Your Home’s Power with ABR Electric

In Nevada, TX, where power outages can be both unpredictable and inconvenient, ensuring your home has a reliable backup power source is crucial. As an Authorized Generac Installer, ABR Electric brings not just energy solutions to your doorstep, but also the peace of mind that comes with professional, manufacturer-approved installations.

Why Proper Installation Matters

Generac's guidelines are clear: the longevity and reliability of your backup generator depend significantly on proper installation and maintenance. Incorrect installation not only risks the performance of your unit but can also void your warranty. This is why choosing an Authorized Generac Installer like ABR Electric is essential for Nevada, TX homeowners.

Expert Installation Services We Offer:

Generac Standby Generators: Ensure your home is never without power, regardless of outages.
Professional Consultations: Our licensed electricians will help you select the perfect Generac model for your needs, ensuring efficient, worry-free operation.
Dedicated Maintenance: Keeping up with your Generac’s maintenance is key to its longevity. Our experts make it easy to maintain your unit, safeguarding your investment.
ABR Electric: Your Trusted Partner

Choosing ABR Electric means opting for a team that not only understands the technicalities of Generac generators but also prioritizes your home’s safety and your peace of mind. Our services in Nevada, TX, extend beyond installations to include comprehensive electrical solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Promise to Nevada Homeowners:

Quality and Reliability: As a top-rated electrician team in Nevada, TX, we guarantee quality workmanship and reliable generator performance.
Full Compliance: We ensure your Generac installation complies with all local codes and regulations, securing your investment.
Complete Electrical Solutions: From electrical panel upgrades to EV home charging stations and whole-house surge protection, ABR Electric is equipped to meet all your electrical needs.
Prepare for the Unexpected

Don’t let power outages disrupt your life. With ABR Electric’s Authorized Generac installation services, you can rest assured that your Nevada, TX home is equipped to handle any power challenge. Embrace the confidence that comes with having a professionally installed Generac generator today.

Contact ABR Electric: Your Electrical Solution Experts in Nevada, TX

Ready to secure your home with a Generac generator? Reach out to ABR Electric for a consultation and see why we’re Nevada’s choice for dependable, professional electrical services.

ABR Electric: Powering Nevada, TX Homes with Expertise and Care.

EV Home Charging Stations Installation in Nevada, TX
Power Up Your Electric Vehicle with ABR Electric
Seamless Charging Solutions Tailored for Your Home

Transitioning to an electric vehicle (EV) lifestyle in Nevada, TX, brings the future of transportation right to your driveway. ABR Electric ensures that your shift is as smooth as possible with professional home EV charging station installations. Understanding the nuances of each installation allows us to provide you with a precise and transparent estimate.

Essential Information for a Customized Estimate:

To help us serve you better, please provide the following details:

Your Address: To assess local permitting costs and inspection requirements.
Electrical Panel Location: Is it conveniently located in your garage?
Installation Site Preference: Do you prefer the TWC/NEMA 14-50 next to the panel or elsewhere?
Garage Accessibility: Is there attic access above your garage for easier installation?
Electrical Panel Details: A photo of your panel, showing breaker numbers and labels, aids in accurate planning.
Connector Type: Are you considering the NEMA 14-50 for the Tesla Mobile Connector or opting for the Tesla Wall Connector (TWC)?
Understanding the Necessity of Permits and Inspections:

Modifying your home’s electrical system for an EV charging station requires a permit and inspection to ensure safety and compliance. This process not only safeguards your installation but also informs local utilities about the increasing EV presence, aiding in community planning.

Optimal Timing for Installation:

We recommend arranging for your home charging station installation shortly after purchasing your EV. This foresight ensures you’re ready to charge at home without delay, especially for more complex setups like detached garages or system upgrades.

Cost Considerations:

The cost of installing an EV charging station varies, influenced by factors like wiring distance, city permits, and any necessary system modifications. While some installations might require minor drywall work, others could need more extensive electrical upgrades. Remember, every home’s needs are unique, and distance plays a crucial role in the overall expense.

Why Choose ABR Electric?

Expert Guidance: Our licensed electricians provide professional consultations to identify the best charging solution for your home.
Comprehensive Services: From panel upgrades to the latest in EV charging, we handle all aspects of your electrical needs.
Dedicated Support: We navigate the permitting process and ensure your installation meets all local codes and standards.
Ready to Electrify Your Home? Contact ABR Electric

Embrace the future with ABR Electric’s EV home charging station installation services in Nevada, TX. Our team is ready to ensure your electric vehicle is always charged and ready to go, providing peace of mind and convenience for all your journeys.

ABR Electric: Driving Nevada, TX Towards a Greener Tomorrow.

Authorized Generac Dealer and Installer

ABR Electric in Nevada, TX is a Generac Certified Dealer. ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines. 

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