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Outdoor Lighting

If you’re like most homeowners in McKinney, TX, you love spending time in your backyard. Whether you’re relaxing on the patio or playing with your kids and pets, enjoying the outdoors is great for a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to make your backyard even better is by adding quality outdoor lighting.

ABR Electric is the top outdoor lighting specialist in McKinney, TX. We can help you get the perfect lights for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

A popular and affordable option that creates a cozy atmosphere without harsh glare. Great for barbecues, patios, and pergolas. String lights are a popular and affordable option that creates a cozy atmosphere without harsh glare. Perfect for barbecues, patios, and pergolas, our string lighting solutions add a touch of charm and warmth to any outdoor space. Explore the different types of string lights we offer:

LED String Lights:

Energy-efficient and long-lasting
Available in a variety of colors and brightness levels
Ideal for creating a festive ambiance

Solar String Lights:
Eco-friendly and cost-effective
Charge during the day and automatically illuminate at night
No wiring needed, making installation easy

Globe String Lights:
Feature round, globe-shaped bulbs
Provide a vintage, classic look
Perfect for draping across patios and pergolas

Fairy Lights:
Small, twinkling lights that create a magical atmosphere
Available in various lengths and colors
Ideal for decorating trees, fences, and garden features

Edison Bulb String Lights:
Feature vintage-style Edison bulbs
Provide a warm, nostalgic glow
Great for creating a rustic, industrial look

Color-Changing String Lights:
Offer multiple color options and settings
Can be adjusted to match any occasion or mood
Perfect for parties and celebrations

Battery-Operated String Lights:
Portable and versatile
Ideal for areas without access to electrical outlets
Easy to set up and move as needed
With String Lights, you can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of your outdoor spaces. Whether you're hosting a barbecue, relaxing on your patio, or decorating a pergola, our string lighting solutions provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere that will make any occasion special.

Create light markers that outline paths and walkways, improving curb appeal and night-time safety with Path Lights. Our path lighting solutions are designed to guide and illuminate, making your outdoor spaces both beautiful and secure. Explore the different types of path lights we offer:

Stake Lights:
Easy to install, simply stake into the ground along pathways
Available in a variety of designs and finishes
Ideal for lining garden paths, driveways, and walkways

Solar Path Lights:
Eco-friendly and cost-effective
Automatically charge during the day and illuminate at night
No wiring required, making installation a breeze

LED Path Lights:
Energy-efficient with a long lifespan
Provide bright, consistent illumination
Available in multiple styles and brightness levels

Low Voltage Path Lights:
Safe and efficient, perfect for long-term use
Requires a transformer and low-voltage wiring
Offers a range of brightness options

Decorative Path Lights:
Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden
Available in unique designs such as lanterns, globes, and bollards
Combine functionality with artistic elements

Motion Sensor Path Lights:
Enhance security by activating when motion is detected
Ideal for adding an extra layer of safety to your pathways
Available in solar and electric options

Recessed Path Lights:
Sleek, low-profile design
Installed flush with the ground for a modern look
Perfect for a minimalist aesthetic

Brighten outdoor areas and create a peaceful ambiance. Transform your outdoor spaces with Garden Lighting, offering various solutions to illuminate your garden and create a peaceful ambiance. Explore the different types of garden lighting options we provide:

Pathway Lights:

Illuminate walkways and paths
Enhance safety and visibility
Available in solar-powered and electric options

Highlight specific garden features such as trees, statues, or water features
Adjustable angles for targeted illumination
Ideal for creating dramatic effects

String Lights:
Create a magical, festive atmosphere
Perfect for draping over trees, fences, or pergolas
Available in various colors and styles

Provide broad, powerful illumination
Great for large areas like driveways or patios
Motion sensor options for added security

Solar Lights:
Eco-friendly and cost-effective
Easy to install with no wiring needed
Automatically charge during the day and illuminate at night

Add a touch of classic elegance to your garden
Available in hanging or standing styles
Can be used with candles or LED lights for a soft, warm glow
With Garden Lighting, you can create a beautifully lit outdoor space tailored to your needs and preferences. Enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making your garden a charming retreat both day and night.

Illuminate porches, garages, and other areas, while highlighting architectural details.  
Outdoor Wall Lighting, designed to provide safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Our lighting solutions not only brighten porches, garages, and other areas but also highlight architectural details, enhancing the beauty of your home. Discover the different types of outdoor wall lighting options we offer:

Sconce Lights:
Stylish and versatile
Ideal for flanking doorways or lining exterior walls
Available in various designs, from modern to traditional

Lantern Lights:
Add a classic, timeless look
Perfect for entryways, porches, and patios
Available in hanging or wall-mounted styles

Provide powerful, broad illumination
Great for security and illuminating large areas like garages and driveways
Motion sensor options for added safety

Up and Down Lights:
Highlight architectural features and create visual interest
Cast light in both upward and downward directions
Ideal for accentuating pillars, columns, and textured walls

Bulkhead Lights:
Durable and robust, suitable for harsh weather conditions
Ideal for garages, basements, and utility areas
Provide bright, focused light

Recessed Wall Lights:
Subtle and sleek design
Perfect for low-profile lighting along pathways and staircases
Create a soft, ambient glow

LED Wall Lights:
Energy-efficient and long-lasting
Available in various styles and brightness levels
Ideal for eco-conscious homeowners
With Outdoor Wall Lighting, you can enhance the functionality and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Our lighting solutions are designed to meet your needs, providing safety, security, and style to your home. Illuminate porches, garages, and more while highlighting the architectural details that make your home unique.

Come in many styles with options for LED lights or candles. Easy to move around.

Lanterns: Provide a global-inspired look and come in many colors and fabrics. Avoid overwhelming small spaces with too many lanterns.

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