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Smoke Detectors Equipment Installation


ABR Electric has been installing hardwired smoke detectors and CO detectors throughout McKinney, and Collin Couunty for many years. We provide a thorough inspection of your smoke detectors. Smoke alarms sound an alarm when they sense the presence of smoke particles in the air, while carbon monoxide detectors sound an alarm when toxic levels of the invisible and odorless gas are detected. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA, the maximum life of any reliable smoke detector is 10 years.

During a fire in your house, once carbon monoxide is detected a CO detector gives you peace of mind, seconds count. Do not trust your family and home to outdated smoke detectors that could fail at the wrong time. Call ABR Electric and have us come out and recommend the best setup for your home.

Call ABr Electric for a professional installation of a hard-wired and interconnected smoke detection system. All jobs will be done to code and meet state and local regulations, ensuring the safety of your home and family. Call us today we serve the greater Collin County 214-690-1941

How many smoke detectors and where you would place them will be determined by the square footage and floor plan of your home. Smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home to detect rising smoke from a fire. They should be placed inside or directly outside of each bedroom and common areas, and in laundry rooms and kitchens where fires can originate

You should place a smoke alarm protecting each bedroom, guest room, and living area where people may sleep. Every level containing a bedroom should also be monitored by a smoke detector. Hallways and stairways are passageways that also need protection.

Smoke detectors that are installed too near a stove may go off too often. Kitchens are often where fires start, so you should properly place a smoke detector within 10 feet.

There two types of detectors ionization and photoelectric alarms. Both are designed to detect any house fire, no matter the source. Photoelectric alarms detect smoke using a light sensor and light beam. Ionization smoke alarms feature electrodes that continuously conduct low-level electrical current through ionized air. Consider a dual-sensor smoke alarm that incorporates both technologies. Call ABR Electric today 214-690-1941