Custom Landscape Lighting: We create personalized lighting designs tailored to your style and needs, highlighting your landscape’s best features while adding security.


Landscape Lighting FAQ

ABR Electric, the top outdoor lighting specialist in McKinney, TX, answers your frequently asked questions about landscape lighting. Enhance your outdoor experience with our expert lighting solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your outdoor spaces, improves security, and extends the time you can enjoy your backyard. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for events and adds value to your property.

Types of Landscape Lighting

What Is Path Lighting?

Path lighting involves placing lights along walkways, driveways, and garden paths to enhance safety and aesthetics. It guides the way and adds a charming touch to your landscape.

What About Outdoor Security Lights?

Outdoor security lights, especially LED sensor lights, provide illumination for safety and security. They deter intruders and light up areas of your yard that are vulnerable to trespassing.

Installation and Design

How Do You Design a Landscape Lighting Plan?

Our design process involves understanding your needs, assessing your outdoor space, and creating a lighting plan that highlights key features, ensures safety, and aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

What Makes ABR Electric Unique in Landscape Lighting?

ABR Electric specializes in creating customized lighting solutions that blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment. Our expertise in both aesthetic and functional aspects makes us a preferred choice in McKinney, TX.

Cost and Maintenance

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost?

The cost varies based on the scope of the project, types of lights used, and installation complexity. We offer a free consultation to provide you with a detailed quote.

What Maintenance Is Required for Landscape Lighting?

Regular maintenance includes checking for bulb replacements, cleaning fixtures, and ensuring all electrical connections are secure. We offer maintenance services to keep your lighting in top condition.

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